Craft Trainee Program

Craft Trainee Programs

What is an Electrician Trainee?
An electrician trainee is someone who does not qualify to take the state certification exam because they lack the necessary experience or related instruction, but who has legally registered with the state to perform electrical work for a C-10 contractor.

***All trainees enrolled in an electrician certification training program must register with the state to receive an ET card and be compliant with the state.

NEW – Open to Members & Non-members
In order to provide more training opportunities for the employees of our members and the construction industry, ABC SoCal, for the first time, is offering Craft Training in Electrical (Electrical Certification Training), Electronic Systems Technician, Plumbing and Sheet Metal/HVAC. These fully accredited (non-apprenticeship) training programs can range from three (3) to four (4) years of training. This Craft Training provides a way for you to train your less experienced crafts people and to provide your experienced journeypersons with the training they need to learn the whys of what they do and the latest concepts, theories and materials of their trades.

Our Electrical Certification Training program is approved by the state to meet the training requirements for electricians who have not passed the state Electrical Certification test. By enrolling your electricians into our program, you can work them legally in California.

The Craft Training programs are flexible and based upon the knowledge and experience of your employees, you can start their training by placing them in any level of training for their trade. (They do not have to start in the first year of training.)

The benefits to you, even if you are not required to have apprentices on your jobs, is a more safe, trained, skilled and motivated workforce.

To view the curriculum for the different trades, please click the links below:

  1. Electrical – Four (4) Years
  2. Electronic Systems Technician – Three (3) Years
  3. HVAC & Sheet Metal – Four (4) Years
  4. Plumbing – Four (4) Years

To take advantage of these great training opportunities and register your employees, please click here.