Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

Founded on the merit shop philosophy, Associated Builders and Contractors helps its members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which ABC and its members work. From best-in-class safety programs to discounts with leading vendors, ABC offers a wide array of member services.

Features and Benefits of ABC Membership

Feature: Apprenticeship, Craft Training and Electrical Certification Training Programs
Benefit: State and Federally approved Apprenticeship training in Electrical, Plumbing, Low Voltage, and Sheet Metal; Electrician Certification Training; Plumbing, Low Voltage, Sheet Metal and Craft Training provide access to qualified and reliable labor to provide assurances of a job well done without costly delays and interruptions. ABC is State approved to deliver Electrical Certification Training, using a nationally recognized and accredited educational program that provides excellence in individual craft training.

Feature: Continuing Education for Journeyman
Benefit: These classes are available to all journeymen in the Southern California area and cover a wide variety of subjects, including safety certifications and craft related upgrade courses. ABC So-Cal leads the industry in its Electrical Certification prep classes; helping hundreds of Journeymen prepare for their state certification exams.

Feature: Management Education and Supervisory Training
Benefit: ABC is dedicated to developing and maintaining the most effective supervisory and management education courses in the industry. Effective leadership eliminates many costly problems and provides long-term financial benefits to the members of ABC. Bottom line improvements and effective leadership computes into more competitive bidding situations and increased company revenues.

Feature: Legislative/Government Oversight
Benefit: Large organizational support of legislation that promotes the free enterprise system, restricts governmental regulations, improves the quality of business conditions and reduces union influence. Keeps members informed on legislative issues that could have an effect on the way they do business

Feature: Safety Programs
Benefit: ABC sets the industry standard for jobsite safety. Members receive regular updates on safety issues that affect their businesses. Keeping your workforce safe reduces accidents, eliminates OSHA fines and reduces your workers compensation costs making your business more productive.

Feature: Marketing / Business Development
Benefit: Creates a flow of contacts and referrals to help build customer base. Provides an outlet and opportunity to share business experiences and learn from peers on handling similar situations, discuss matters of concern and share on potential business opportunities. Receive firsthand information from speakers and experts on matters of specific interest in the building trades.

Feature: Health Insurance Programs
Benefit: Lower rates on Life, Medical, Dental & LTD Insurance plans through large group trust rates. Attract and retain quality employees with superior benefits. Increased profit on public works projects. Third Party Administrator handles full hour bank administration for hourly employees and all COBRA administration.

Feature: Legal Assistance
Benefit: Eliminates costly mistakes by not knowing what to do in a sensitive situation regarding labor matters, compliance with federal and state laws and matters concerning union practices. Our legal consultants are attorneys with expertise in the building trades.

To find out more membership with ABC SoCal, or have specific questions answered, please contact Lisa Rockefeller at 714-779-3199 ext 7203 or email [email protected].