Political Advocacy


Whether it is supporting more state apprenticeship funding, or opposing a provision that discriminates against non-union (a.k.a. merit shop workers) or even writing a law that would help local government districts avoid discriminatory PLAs – ABC SoCal’s Government Affairs focus is to increase the political influence of ABC to advance the merit shop philosophy and free enterprise. ABC advocates for solutions that ensure regulations and legislation are consistent with the merit shop philosophy. In addition, ABC produces a state and federal scorecard for each legislator’s construction votes.

ABC was proud to announce that AB 2486, authored by Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown! This legislation was sponsored by ABC of CA and forced the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to list contractors approved for public works in a database online that is searchable by zip code. By listing the contractors approved for public works in a database online that is searchable by zip code; school districts, community colleges and any local public entity can achieve ‘local hire’ without using a wasteful and discriminatory Project Labor Agreement (PLA.) AB 2486, passed the California State Assembly unanimously by a vote of 63-0!


ABC SoCal members know that the construction industry is under constant assault from overbearing excessive government regulation. Together with our industry and community partners, we can help inform and educate our local leaders about the results their well-intentioned regulations have on everyday working Americans in the construction industry.