Apprentice Wage Rates

Apprentice Wage Rates

Associated Builders and Contractors Southern California Chapter, Inc.
Unilateral Apprenticeship Training Programs

This site is for informational purposes only. This wage rate site is provided as a Guideline. It is the Contractor’s, NOT ABC SoCal’s, responsibility to ensure that every apprentice is paid the correct pay and benefit package required by the applicable laws and regulations, including pay upgrades. Pay Periods/Levels can/will vary from County to County and/or from Project to Project. The Contractor should review, among other documents, the State prevailing wage determinations and the attached Footnotes; Holiday; Scope; Travel; and `Pre-Determined increases issued by the State Director of Industrial Relations and the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) for the specific project in question, as well as the Federal wage rates, before deciding whether to use the wage rates provided for pay and benefit package purposes.

Read the ‘Notice of Understanding‘ before continuing to the wage rate pages for important information.

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Federal Prevailing Wages: Determine Federal Prevailing Wage Rate here.

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Privately Funded Projects:

State Prevailing Wage Rates: Determine State Prevailing Wage Rate here

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State Prevailing Wage Projects If you are unable to find the wage rate that governs your project, contact the DLSE directly for availability. Reminder:San Bernardino Inside Wireman has two zones (A 1 and B 2).

The Apprentice Wage Rates found on this site are calculated and issued by the Department of Industrial Relations, Office of the Director. ABC SoCal does not take responsibility for ANY of the calculations or dollar amounts shown in the bordered areas of the Apprentice Wage Rates. Please contact DIR directly if errors are found. (Office of the Director – Research Unit at 415-703-4774.)

***Modifications to Wage Determinations can occur at any time! Please sign-up for State Notifications on the DIR website so you can stay informed.***